10 Must-See Videos by New York-area Hip Hop Artists [January 2012]

Kalae All Day – 20 Kit Kats for the Riff Raff

Kalae All Day’s video for “20 Kit Kats for the Riff Raff” was recently featured on Vibe.com, under the lofty title, “Is Kalae All Day The Next Female Rap Superstar?” Of course, only time will tell, but do note: We have been saying things like this about Kalae All Day all year (and then some). So while it’s a great look to have the rest of the music world catch up with our clairvoyance, it will be especially nice to be able to say, yeah, we told you so, when Kalae All Day does reach the pinnacle we predicted for her long ago. Don’t believe us? Take this chocolaty, self-directed glimpse into her world, featuring a slew of cool NYC indie hip hop heads, and you may start to get it.