10 Must-See Videos by New York-area Hip Hop Artists [January 2012]

Rasheed Chappell – “Break Loose”

Last, but certainly not least, Rasheed Chappell has a movement behind him, and the machine seems to be working very nicely on his behalf as he continues to emerge from the proverbial shadow of NYC, to land more and more spotlighted appearances and critical acclaim. With “Break Loose,” NJ’s Chappell pays an honest homage to the old school legends and sounds that preceded him over a Kenny Dope-produced track that’s pretty.. well.. dope. The authentically frenzied track is a fun, break beat-fueled, Public Enemy-esque affair, with Chappell expertly channeling Brooklyn rap legend Big Daddy Kane on the vocals. DJ Scratch, longtime mixmaster for classic group EPMD, puts the finishing touches on the cuts, while visually, linoleum floors give way to breakdancers, Chappell breaks out the dooky rope chain, and the Yo! MTV Raps-styled cinematography and effects succeed in connecting the old to the new. It’s because of this, and other excellent material on his acclaimed Future Before Nostalgia album, that Rasheed Chappell will continue to break loose.