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FinaL OutlaW – Unstoppable Love LP

FinaL OutlaW – Unstoppable Love LP

by Manny FacesFebruary 19, 2013

Unstoppable Love is the long awaited release from FinaL OutlaW, named one of our “5 Reasons Why New York Hip Hop Doesn’t Suck,” where we suggested that, “His skillful lyricism, impassioned delivery, strong freestyle ability, sense of humor, strong work ethic and an obvious blend of street smarts and intellect, should place FinaL OutlaW at the top of any “MCs to watch” list from the New York area.”

With recent releases such as “Beautiful Songs,” “FinaL OutlaW Theory” and “Blacklisted,” it was clear that the fiery MC was not likely going to prove us wrong.

Unstoppable Love, a 12-track free album, contains production by K.O. Beatz, DJ Charlie Hustle, Levenkhan and others, including some self-produced joints. It also includes features from Warren Britt and songstress Jeanette Berry.

FinaL OutlaW will host a YouTube Chat at 6pm on Tuesday, February 19 on his YouTube Channel,

Download FinaL OutlaW’s Unstoppable Love at

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