Frank Ramz – ‘Icons’ (Video) – Produced by Charlie Hilton

Frank Ramz - Icons - Produced by Charlie Hilton

There are many people who say things like, “There’s no good hip hop anymore,” “No one raps ‘positive’ anymore,” “Rappers only talk about sex, money and drugs,” “What happened to lyrics in rap?”…

Frank Ramz - Icons - Produced by Charlie HiltonWe usually tell them, “Look harder.”

Of course, it’s our job to make sure that those NY-area artists who are doing so, get documented here, since that’s what people come here for.

When someone drops something like this, it makes our job very easy.

We’ve been watching Frank Ramz for a minute, having enjoyed his last full-length effort Quite Frankly, and are looking foward to his upcoming EP project Medicine Filled Candy.

As should you.

In the meantime, check out “Icons,” a thoughtful, insightful analysis of life and art, over a smoothly executed Charlie Hilton-produced, Nina Simone-influenced flipped track.

Download Frank Ramz’ “Icons” here.