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We are Birthplace Magazine (www.BirthplaceMag.com), an award-winning website dedicated to documenting the hip hop music scene in the New York tri-state area. We are redefining music journalism, following the mainstream media trend toward hyper-local reporting, and applying it to a specific music genre and geographic region, one that is filled with fascinating stories and talented artists that are worthy of documenting.

Subtitled “New York Hip Hop: Past, Present & Future,” BirthplaceMag.com is somewhat unique in this regard. While there are several magazines and websites covering regional music scenes, there are none that focus on the significant pool of hip hop talent, events, organizations and personalities who are specifically from or based in the New York area, known as the “birthplace of hip hop.”

BirthplaceMag.com provides nationally known, tri-state based artists a hometown media outlet, while providing regionally successful entities a platform they might not receive elsewhere. In addition, advertisers now have a direct, affordable path to reach the vast spending power of New York’s urban music-minded, web-savvy consumers.

Birthplace Magazine is featured in the Columbia Journalism Review’s Guide to Online News Startups

Birthplace Magazine is the brainchild of Long Island-based remix producer and award-winning new media journalist Manny Faces, previously known for his widely distributed remakes of commercially released songs from artists such as Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige and Akon. “I wanted to find a way to blend my new media journalism and publishing management experience with my interest and involvement in hip hop,” Manny explains. “Living, working and making music in New York kept me connected to hip hop music and culture, and I realized there was a burgeoning movement to re-establish the region as the mecca of the art form. All of this inspired me to start this project.”

BirthplaceMag.com showcases established and upcoming artists from all five New York City boroughs as well as immediately surrounding areas, with news items, featured journalistic pieces, new music posts and interviews with artists, organizations or other entities involved in the area’s hip hop universe. “We already have several expansion plans,” promises Manny, “including events, added internet and radio presence like our weekly online talk radio program, The NY Hip Hop Report and further involvement with New York area hip hop events and organizations. We expect that BirthplaceMag.com will continue to grow as the go-to source for all aspects of New York area hip hop.”

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