Jean Grae’s Sitcom, “Life With Jeannie,” Debuts Christmas Day. Hilarity Likely To Ensue.

Jean Grae: Live With Jeannie sitcom series

Long ago, we anointed Ms. Jean Grae as one of the “reasons why New York hip hop doesn’t suck.” Though we felt profound at the time, it really was a no-brainer. The lovely Jean Grae is immensely talented on the mic, and her unique mix of wit, charm, intelligence and style is simply unparalleled.

After ramping up her visibility with several recent musical releases, Jean Grae continues elevating her game with her new project, Life With Jeannie, a full-fledged TV show, debuting on her website,, on Christmas Day at 8 p.m. The 30-minute sitcom is written, directed by and stars Jean Grae. Based on several hilarious “commercials” for the show, expect some of her high-powered friends and colleagues to appear as well.

This will not be the first directorial effort from Ms. Grae, as she recently helmed the visualization of Talib Kweli’s “Favela Love,” shot in Brazil.

Jean Grae recently released Gotham Down Deluxe, a linear compilation of her Gotham Down series, available on her Bandcamp page. In March of 2013, Jean Grae sat with former adult star and current radio personality and author Sinnamon Love for a fascinating, in-depth interview, the details of which spanned her life and career, each filled with entertaining, often unexpected anecdotes and inspirational storylines.

We’re certainly looking forward to her sitcom series, and fully expect to enjoy Life With Jeannie as much as we already enjoy life with Jeannie.

Life With Jeannie will debut on at 8 p.m., Christmas Day.

UPDATE: Because “Jesus hates me,” the debut of Jean Grae’s “Life With Jeannie” has been postponed until 11:59 p.m.