#ASYLUM – Monthly Dance Party Kicks Off January 4, 2014 at @SutraNYC

#ASYLUM: A Safehouse for the Wild & Sexy - Sutra NYC

It’s hard work advocating for New York hip hop.

There’s a ton of great music to sift through (among tons of not-so-great music), we have to get into arguments with people who still think New York hip hop is “dead” because it’s not on the radio or because some Jerome-looking-ass Atlanta artist said so… Adding a billion amazing NY-area hip hop events to our world-famous CALENDAR… Attending events that all the other hip hop media ignore…

Yep. Long days, long nights. More work than play.

#ASYLUM: A Safehouse for the Wild & Sexy - Monthy at Sutra, NYC - Dance Party

Sometimes, we need to get out of the lab and shake our collective ass.

So, beginning in January, 2014, we are teaming up with the good, sexy, great-music lovin’ folks at Hip-Hop & Her Family to bring you #ASYLUM: A Safehouse for the Wild & Sexy.

We like to think we’re pretty wild and sexy. And you can’t just be all wild and sexy just anywhere. So we sure could use a place to let it all hang out, without the bullshit usually associated with going out and having a good time.

This month’s #ASYLUM features DJ Autograph and DJ Petra on the decks, with the lovely and talented Genesis Be holding down hosting duties. Its’ FREE before Midnight, $5 for ladies, $10 for gentlemen after that. Doors open at 10pm.

This is an official Birthplace Magazine-sponsored event, so we will be in the place-to-be as well.

#ASYLUM takes place Saturday, January 4, 2014 at Sutra, and will be the first of many monthly parties. For information, last-minute details and more events throughout the month that might tickle your wild and sexy, hip hop loving selves, be sure to keep a constant eye on THE CALENDAR, our destination for hot NY-area hip hop-related events.

For now, spread the word! Urge people to flee those wack parties, become refugees and take #ASYLUM at Sutra on January 4!

Hip-Hop & Her Family is a weekly radio show on WNYU 89.1 FM (Fridays from 10:30pm to 1am) 

#ASYLUM is sponsored by BENVEN Clothing, Birthplace Magazine, Purpose Productions, WNYU, Reckless Promotions, Female Flow Mixtapes & Genesis Be Publishing