#Save5Pointz: Update – Judge Mulls Injunction To Halt Demolition; 5 Pointz Says It’s Not Over

5 Pointz

The latest salvo in the ongoing battle to preserve the 5 Pointz building in Long Island City seems to be a blow against the artists who have been vehemently fighting for the building, which owners are seeking to demolish in order to build condominiums.

Several attempts have been made by curators and the art community, as well as other sympathetic community members, to find a way to prevent the demolition of what has become something of an organic landmark.

We spoke to Marie Cecile Flaguel, who, along with Meres One, have been fighting to protect the site, on The NY Hip Hop Report a few weeks ago. At the time, Flaguel was hopeful that the law would be on their side.

According to Gothamist, Judge Fredric Block, though sympathetic himself (both Gothamist and 5 Pointz report that Judge Block “supports the art and would hate to see the building down”), could not rule in favor of an injunction.

5 Pointz points out however that the actual vote is still scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 12.

It should be noted that there have been many times in the past when the fight for 5 Pointz seemed to be over, only to prevail and continue. Since mainstream press coverage is often incomplete and/or one-sided, follow 5 Pointz themselves on Facebook for the latest news and information on how to best support the cause.

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