5 Pointz Landmark Application Form #save5pointz

5 Pointz: The Fight For 5 Pointz

As we previously reported, the building known the world over as 5 Pointz is slated to be demolished, as the owner/developer David Wolkoff continues forward with already-approved plans to tear down the iconic graffiti “mecca.” Despite passionate protest by artists, scholars and some residents of the neighborhood, the future continues to look murky for the ever-evolving outdoor art museum.

A Queens community board meeting held in June, saw expansion plans get struck down, providing a temporary lift for the proponents of 5 Pointz, many who spoke at the meeting.

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Spearheading the ongoing campaign to protect and preserve the building are  Jonathan “Meres One” Cohen and Marie Cecile Flageul. The two are leading a grassroots campaign to gather signatures in an attempt to declare 5 Pointz a landmark.

Thousands of signatures have been collected so far, and the staff and friends of 5 Pointz have asked that the effort be extended through social media blogs publications and websites.

Below, you will find a link to download of the application to help designate five points as a protected landmark. It is a PDF file, which you may download, fill out and then email back to meresone@5ptz.com.

In addition, supporters of the movement are asked to print out and distribute copies of this application, providing the same instructions to friends, family and the general public.

All inquiries, questions, comments and offers of assistance can be directed to meresone@5ptz.com.


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