Save 5 Pointz – Call For New York Hip Hop Community to Unite

5 Pointz

The unique, building-wide, living art canvas known as 5 Pointz continues to face an uncertain future. The Long Island City complex is slated to be demolished and repurposed. The history of the fight to prevent this is convoluted and well-documented elsewhere, but for the moment, 5 Pointz still stands.

[LISTEN] Our interview with Meres One and Marie from 5 Pointz on The NY Hip Hop Report

A recent meeting held at nearby PS1 between city government, real estate developers and constituents, did little to stem the possibility that 5 Pointz is on the way out.

That being said, there is another opportunity approaching for New York’s concerned hip hop citizens to have their voices on the matter heard.

We are printing the information below as it appears on the associated Facebook event page. We urge all readers who respect hip hop music and culture, and the freedom of expression and artistic qualities of graffiti to investigate this matter, and get involved to the best of your ability.

Whether or not 5 Pointz survives or not is important, and just as important is to ensure that no matter what happens, the mature hip hop community, a massive community, is heard. It is imperative that New York City government, and any organization seeking to interfere with hip hop culture, must factor in the voices of a large, vocal, taxpaying and voting constituency.

I’m Manny Faces, and I approve this message.

June 6th, 2013 in Sunnyside there will be a community board meeting. This meeting is further discussing the re-developement of what is now the 5 Pointz site. If you have ever painted at 5 Pointz, are a fan of 5 Pointz or a concerned resident of Queens then we NEED you to show up!

Community Board 2 has scheduled a Regular Monthly Meeting and Public Hearing of the Full Board for:

TIME: 7:00 P.M.
43-31 39th Street – Ground Floor
Sunnyside, New York 11104

If you cannot make it to this event, please share this information far and wide! We want to get 100’s if not 1000’s of supporters out there to show the Community Board that we will not take the destruction of one the City’s greatest cultural gems lying down! Enough is enough!

Other ways you can help:
1. Share this information with any media connections that you might have. We need to raise awareness with lightning speed!
2. Help get the City to recognize 5Ptz as a cultural landmark! Follow this link and download the form:

Respectfully complete it, in its entirety. Include the following address: Pointz is 45-46 Davis St, Long Island City, NY 11101. Finally, scan your completed form and email it to: