Stretch and Bobbito 2013 Reunion Show (Audio)

Stretch and Bobbito - Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia Radio Show

Legendary New York radio pioneers Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia reunited on the NYC airwaves airwaves they once ruled, bringing The Stretch & Bobbito Show, arguably the greatest hip hop radio program ever, back to life in a special, one-night-only event.

Broadcasting during their original time slot (Friday morning from 1 a.m. – 5 a.m.) on WKCR, 89.9 FM, the two delivered the mix of classic music, freestyles, demos, humorous banter and passionate discussion they have become known for, speaking in between the airing of clips from shows from 1993.

Beginning in 1990, The Stretch and Bobbito Show continued for years, surviving several incarnations and eventually ending up as the Squeeze Radio show, hosted by Sucio Smash. The station, run by Columbia University, eventually closed the doors on the show in 2010, citing the fact that the show was no longer run by students, ending the iconic run in a disappointing cloud of controversy.

Soon after the Squeeze Radio show folded, Stretch and Bobbito reunited for a similar one-night-only event to celebrate the show’s rich cultural and musical history.

Today’s reunion show was a prelude to an event to be held at the New Museum, a talk with Stretch and Bobbito about their show’s history, particularly as it pertains to New York City and hip hop in 1993.

A recorded archive of the entire 2013 Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia Show can be heard below.

DOWNLOAD: PART 1  PART 2 (props to CultureKing)