2013 Rock Steady Crew Anniversary to be Held at Central Park, July 28

The annual Rock Steady Crew Anniversary will return to New York City in 2013, and will take place on July 28 at Central Park, as part of the city’s yearly SummerStage concert series.

The news was originally released by B-Boy pioneer Crazy Legs:


Ladies and Gentlemen. Bboys and Bgirls! Em Cees and Dj’s! Writers and EXCITERS! Hip Hop knowledge seekers and Human Beat Boxers! I am happy to announce that the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary Concert is coming back to the Mecca Of Hip Hop and will be held in New york City as part of Central Park Summer Stage. July 28, 2013. TALK ABOUT IT!! Do Not Ask Me if you Can Be Put On To Perform!!!

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