J.Scar Featured in Latest Bloom Effect ‘Efficacy’ Video

Brooklyn’s J.Scar is the latest upcoming artist to be featured in The Bloom Effect’s “Efficacy” video series, an ongoing set of casual interviews with rising talent, orchestrated by publicist, event producer and owner of The Bloom Effect, Fiona Bloom.

J.Scar is so far best known for his song and accompanying video for “Underpaid,” his 2011 tribute to the “working man” which received a fair bit of YouTube and media acclaim, particularly in New York, landing J.Scar appearances on WPIX news and a write up in the New York Times City Room blog.

We’re always in support of upcoming artists who come with a message, and after the nearly-universal appeal of the message in “Underpaid,” we’re interested to hear what J.Scar is speaking on next.

He is currently finishing his debut album “I’m Just Saying.”

The Bloom Effect’s “Efficacy” series is now more than 100 strong. Several artists who have appeared in the series have gone on to industry success, including the subject of the inaugural interview in the set, Homeboy Sandman.

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J.Scar – Underpaid

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