Homeboy Sandman – Illuminati (Video)

Homeboy Sandman - Illuminati video - Produced by J57

Homeboy Sandman, the inaugural honoree of our “5 Reasons Why New York Hip Hop Doesn’t Suck” series, continues to prove why, blazing a now Stones Throw-backed trail of progressive, thought-provoking, rhythmic American poetry, currently culminating in the J57-produced “Illuminati,” brought to visual life by Bunny Bread for Code Emphasis Media.

The video smoothly and starkly matches the sonic backdrop, which in turn, matches the calm eloquence of Homeboy Sandman’s delivery, a soft-spoken tirade against much of what’s wrong with our world. While the hip hop world at large has become enthralled at the prospect of an Illuminati-run rap game as the catalyst for the ascension of some to the pinnacles of entertainment success, Homeboy Sandman reminds listeners that any secret (or not-so-secret) society that decides who should be on top, also controls who stays on the bottom. A message certainly more important for young rap audiences to receive, and one than few rappers, mainstream or otherwise, could get across in as effective a manner as the hypnotically convincing and lyrically astute Homeboy Sandman.

Watch the video for Homeboy Sandman’s “Illuminati” below, and more importantly, purchase his latest project First of a Living Breed, especially if you have ever uttered words to the effect of “hip hop sucks these days,” or “there’s no more rap with a message.”

Homeboy Sandman is one of the best examples of why we don’t believe you.