The State of Rochester Hip Hop [via City Newspaper]

Though we tend to focus our editorial efforts on New York City and the immediate surrounding areas here at Birthplace Magazine, there is no shortage of hip hop activity to the North in the city of Rochester. One of the reasons why this area’s rap landscape has flourished, is due to the efforts of Act Live Music, a production and promotion company that has helped develop the scene in Rochester over the past few years. While they are now shifting their headquarters to Brooklyn, Rochester-area artists and venues will surely continue to bask in the glow of what these, and others in the area, have helped grow.

City Newspaper, Rochester’s alternative weekly, spoke with James Niche of Act Live as well as other artists and participants in the Rochester hip hop scene, a discussion that covers issues that are both native to, and not necessarily exclusive to the city.

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Act Live will be presenting a farewell event, August 24 at The Dub Underground. Check the flyer below and click here for more info.