Busta Rhymes – Life & Rhymes – Google Play Documentary (VIDEO)

Busta Rhymes Google Play Documentary Video

Busta Rhymes is the subject of a 20-minute long documentary, presented by Google Play, in conjunction with the Google Play free release of his latest project, Year of the Dragon.

With a combination of interviews and performance footage, including Busta Rhymes’ recent headlining performance at the 2012 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival and appearances by many of his contemporaries, “Life & Rhymes” is a well produced look at the life and rhymes of one of hip hop’s more iconic aritsts.

The documentary gives a bit of historical perspective including Busta’s history with Leaders of The New School, and their subsequent breakup. Busta’s stylistic invention and reinvention thoughout the years, and his more recent work with new artists were all covered in this behind-the-scenes documentary.

Spliff Star, Dinco D, Charlie Brown, Q-Tip, Sadat X, Phife and others all spoke on the record with high praise for Busta’s strength, skill and staying power.

Busta himself understands his ability to continuously reinvent himself, saying “I was always told that you’re one hit record away from a successful career, but I never really believed in that because nowadays, one hit record alone doesn’t make people believe in you enough. They gotta see some things that turn them into believers and makes them wholehearted fans. I think some things shifted dynamically when “Look At me Now” came out, like the way my kids and kids in general, embraced that record and kinda reintroduced Busta Rhymes to the new generation.

His style is examined, including his signature rapid-fire delivery. “The kids loved it, the people love it.” he proudly states. “They always find it extremely amazing when they see me do it live because they can’t believe that I’m actually doing it.”

Fellow Conglomerate artists J. Doe and Long Island’s Reek The Villian are also featured in the video.