Method Man Interview: Speaks on New Projects, RZA, Redman, Acting (Video)

Method Man Interview - Speaks on Crystal Meth, RZA, Redman, Blackout 3, acting, more

In an exclusive sit-down with, Method Man reveals a bit about his it’s-been-a-long-time-coming project Crystal Meth, working with Redman, other movie and acting projects and working again with RZA.

“Me and RZA are gonna work together on my next LP, Crystal Meth,” Method Man explains. “Looking forward to getting back in the studio with the kid, we just came off the Wu tour and the camraqderie was still there, so I know the chemistry is gonna be there when we go in the studio.”

When asked whether Crystal Meth might be released by the end of 2012, Method Man was more vague, “I have so much time on my hands now, who knows. But I’m definitely working.”

On the possiblity of a Blackout 3, along with Redman, Method Man confirmed. “Redman is working on Muddy Waters 2 right now, I’m working on Crystal Meth of course. Blackout 3, we’re going to be doing that together, at the same time, while we do these two albums.”

Method Man lit into critics of Blackout 2, throwing particular shots at other artists. “Dudes in the streets… Brothers know where we come from, so of course they love  the shit. But you got other dudes, so called ‘real MCs’, that listened to the shit, and felt like, we didn’t gel, or… I don’t know what the fuck y’all was thinking. I’ll put that album up against any album that came out that year. Honestly.”

As to whether there will be a Wu-Tang movie or future film projects, Method Man was more blunt. “I doubt it. Because nobody got enough money… And everybody gotta get paid.”

Peep the full video below.