Drake, Chris Brown Fight at New York Club?

Chris Brown, Drake Fight, Bottles Thrown, Injury

Drake and Chris Brown said to have fought at a New York City nightclub, with reports of punches and/or bottles being thrown. Chris Brown tweets picture of injury to his chin.

We don’t normally do the rachet celebrity gossip thing, but this Drake vs. Chris Brown fight thing is buzzing, and it happened here in New York City, so we’ve thrown together a little quick recap of recaps for those interested in the drama.

Multiple online outlets have reported on the scuffle that reportedly broke out at W.i.P., inside the Greenhouse nightclub, toward the end of an industry party for G.O.O.D. Music’s Teyana Taylor. The general gist of things is that Drake and Meek Mill got wordy with Chris Brown, or vice versa, allegedly over an ongoing war of words regarding pop princess and ex-to-one-possible-fling-to-one-or-both-of-the-others Rihanna. Bottles and possibly punches were said to have been thrown, the end result of which seems to be Chris Brown receiving a noticeable gash to his chin, evidenced by his selfie twitter picture.

Chris Brown, Drake Fight - Bottle Injury - Twitter Picture

Meek Millz might have been involved, as well as entourages, security, Drake hiding in the bathroom, blah, blah, blah… All rumors being bandied about as the news starts to trickle out.

TMZGrooveRevolt, The Sun (UK) and MediaTakeOut all have preliminary stories related to the fracas, and of course, every music morning show in America is likely to be speaking on the melee. No “official” news source has yet to confirm the true particulars, so expect the sketchy details to continue to be hashed out as the day goes on.

UPDATE: Chris Brown’s people say he was victim of “brutal attack.” Drake’s folks say Drake did “nothing wrong”. The “saga” continues…