Rakim Interview in The Atlantic: ‘We Need a Few More Kanyes’


Rakim, long considered one of hip hop’s most pioneering MCs, gave an in-depth interview to David Samuels in The Atlantic, speaking on a range of topics including his influence on rap music, the current state of hip hop, and a ringing endorsement for one Kanye West.

Rakim tells Samuels, “I think he’s maturing, and I think he wants other people to see it, too. That kind of helps explain Kanye. I kind of hear in his rhymes. He’s living hard, and he’s maturing now, and I think he’s seeing both sides of the fence. We need a few more Kanyes, people that’s really passionate about hip-hop and who keep it alive.”

The interview provides a good look at Rakim’s viewpoint toward the evolution of hip hop since his heyday, as well as colorful anecdotes about his classic works, which continue to hold significant billing in the annals of hip hop history.

Check the full interview over at The Atlantic.