Papoose Interview – Speaks on Setbacks, Remy Ma, Next Steps, The Nacirema Dream

Papoose Interview with Good*Fella Media

The good folks at Good*Fella Media shot over a clip of an interview with Papoose, a somewhat polarizing figure in New York hip hop, often considered both a cutting-edge lyricist, and an overhyped MC.

During the 8 and a half minute long clip, Papoose speaks on his breaks from hip hop, and how the incarceration of Remy Ma effects him. He briefly speaks on whether or not other NY-area artists are inspiring him, and though he doesn’t give any groundbreaking insights, the interview was thoughtful on both ends. Often, we hear artists like Papoose spew self-promoting propaganda, so it was nice to check a few words of thoughtful dialog from the Brooklyn wordsmith.

According to Papoose, his long-awaited album The Nacirema Dream, is still coming.

Check the interview below: