MTV 25 Hottest MC List Is Not MTV 25 Hottest MC List. People Are Just Stupid.

Seriously, what the fu*k is wrong with people?

Normally, I’m much more reserved and high-brow in my editorializing. But time and time again, I get furiously frustrated at the ability of people to be so easily led astray by this asinine community of amateur “journalists” (I hate to use the word in this case) who continue to simultaneously poison journalism, hip hop and our communities.

How in the holy hell is there a nominees list of MTV’s “25 Hottest MCs in the Game” floating all around the internet, on almost every hip hop blog, all over Twitter, yet there is no list on In fact, MTV articles SPECIFICALLY say to tune in to see who is on the list and MTV’s RapFix Live account and VJ Sway tweeted that there is no list.


Yet every headline on every blog, including giant clusterf*#k ones like Russell Simmon’s broke ass Huffington Post wannabe site Global Grind and hip hop staples like, run by respected hip hop journalist Elliott Wilson, and every tweet from every Tom, Dick and Harry, says “MTV Releases List…” Meanwhile, every blog (including giant clusterf*#k ones like Russell Simmon’s broke ass Huffington Post wannabe site Global Grind… oh, did I use that line already?) copied the exact same list from some other blog, and so on, and so on, from wherever it originated, and now everyone is fu*king arguing about a list that may or may not even exist?!?!

I figured out it was suspect, and may not be official, in about 8 seconds. I found Sway’s tweet in another 6. What is so hard about doing this before simply copying and pasting whatever you see on some other blog?

I wouldn’t be surprised if MTV leaked a fake or modified list, knowing it would spark debate and therefore, ensure people tuned in. If that is the case, people are blindly falling for the deception, gleefully accepting their roles as pawns, unwitting social media carrier pigeons, enlisted to freely do the job MTV once had to actually pay people to do.

I also wouldn’t be surprised that someone just made an arbitrary list, posted it to some no-name bullsh*t blog, and let it ignorantly spread like wildfire among the bloggers, twitterers and facebookers who would know how to fact check something if their life depended on it.

Seriously, people are stupid. And getting stupider. And companies and websites are realizing this and playing right into it. They know that people will believe (and SPREAD) everything they fu*king read on the internet (countless “death hoaxes” have proven this), and there are site owners and bloggers who do NOTHING but perpetuate the idiocy.

It makes me want to continue to try and fix this so-called hip hop journalism industry, or get the fu*k out of this so-called hip hop journalism industry, but watching this so-called hip hop journalism industry continue to deteriorate is nothing but a disgrace. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, one day, this rampant spread of misinformation will result in something big. Something bad.

It’s dangerous, and the sites with the biggest voices, like Global Grind or sites affiliated with or run by industry people, like Funkmaster Flex and Miss Info, need to really decide if their need to spread info to fans and listeners outweighs the inherent responsibility that journalism is supposed to illicit from its participants, in order to protect the very people it is to serve.