Diddy – Dirty Money ft. Drake – Loving You No More [Video]

Well, Diddy and Dirty Money have been making some decent music lately, and if you asked us a year or so ago whether Diddy would still be a formidible force in the music business, we might have hinted the perhaps his time in the spotlight was over. Puffy continues to prove us (and likely many detractors) wrong, as the mogul continues to reinvent himself, and attach himself to music projects that are far from irrelevent. With a combination of slick production, strong vocals from Dirty Money songstresses Dawn and Kaleena, a guest appearance by Drake, and hype as only Diddy can deliver, Dirty Money’s “Loving You No More,” and it’s accompanying video, are a mainstream guilty pleasure we enjoy.

Diddy-Dirty Money Last Train To Paris Album ReleaseAs previously reported, Ditty-Dirty Money’s long-awaited album Last Train To Paris is scheduled for a December 14, 2010 release, with a slew of videos ready to go along with the project, Diddy explained. High-tech promotions and an inevitable bombastic promotional blitz will likely lead up to the December launch date.

All of this is a couple of days after the video dropped, but we think this is part of an interesting time in Diddy’s career, and worth keeping an eye on. Below is the cinematic video for “Loving You No More.”