Nicki Minaj Covers Complex Magazine – Interview, Photos, Video

Complex magazine spends some time with Nicki Minaj, the Queens-bred woman-of-the-hip-hop-hour, for their October/November cover story. In “Making Minaj,” a Q&A-styled interview, Nicki Minaj touches on many topics, including her obligatory thoughts regarding being the top female out in a male-dominated genre, how she’s dealing with her explosive rise to fame and whether or not Lil Wayne calls all her shots.

Nicki Minaj Complex PhotoInterviewer Toshitaka Kondo does a good job of bringing up the less-than-stellar moments in Nicki Minaj’s young career, the critically panned “Massive Attack” and her “voices”. Minaj, almost regrettably, recognizes that she has made adjustments to “tone down” certain aspects of her delivery, even having to “dumb it down” when it comes to complex thoughts.

Minaj also addresses the bisexuality talk, although not as definitively as anyone who cares would like, we’re sure, the Drake/Lil Wayne/Nicki Minaj husband-husband-wife talk, as well as how she feels regarding being overtly sexual in her rhymes.

All in all, as her previous sit down interview with Billboard has demonstrated, Nicki Minaj remains a confident, complex individual, who seems to play the misunderstood card when confronted with some of the criticisms that have circulated around the Young Money rapstress.

Take a look at the full Nicki Minaj Complex cover story interview, and enjoy the behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot, below.