Jay-Z, Eminem: Yankee Stadium Concert – Video, Pictures, Photos, Recap of Recaps

Eminem, Jay-Z - Yankee Stadium Concert
Photo courtesy of @Lino621

Whole lot of shakin’ going on in the Bronx as Jay-Z and Eminem light up New York City at Yankee Stadium, bringing the likes of B.o.B., J. Cole, Dr. Dre, 50 CentLloyd Banks, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj on stage. Click for our full recap of recaps from Monday’s Jay-Z, Eminem Yankee Stadium Concert, including photos, videos, comments.

(Click for videos & recap from Tuesday’s show)

Eminem and Jay-Z invaded the Boogie Down Bronx tonight, hitting Yankee Stadium with their highly anticipated Home & Home concerts, taking place tonight, September 13 and tomorrow, September 14. The long-sold-out events are a follow-up to mirrored shows, held last month in Detroit, at Comerica Park.

Eminem, Jay-Z - Yankee Stadium Concert
Photo courtesy of @Lino621

The Comerica Park concerts featured a formidable lineup, featured guests, and surprise appearances, including 50 Cent and G-Unit, Young Jeezy, Drake and B.o.B. who opened tonight’s show along with Roc Nation’s J. Cole. Many more guests expected and already, a few heavyweights have stepped up.

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While we wait for the good stuff, check the clips from the Eminem and Jay-Z concert in Detroit, to get a lil’ taste of what’s to come.

UPDATE: B.o.B. and J. Cole have done their thing.

More update: Eminem rocking… D12 on stage… 50 Cent is apparently in the building… 50 and Dr. Dre hit the stage…

Dr. Dre - Pic courtesy of @samantharonson

First horrible YouTube vid of the night! (We kid! .. sort of)
Eminem/D12 “Purple Pills” (or so it says, heh)

Another quickie of Eminem (and B.o.B. we assume) doing “Airplanes”

Update: President Barack Obama did not appear. That was a joke. He wasn’t supposed to.

Lloyd Banks did appear with Eminem. Beamer, Benz & Bentley…

Ooh. Some good pics from Jeanna on Facebook

Word has it, Kanye’s guesting with Jigga…

And Drake

…as well as Nicki Minaj! And Chris Martin! And Beyonce!

Jeez, it was packed:

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