Jay Electronica, Diddy: “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace”

Jay Electronica and Diddy sparked a little buzz, and a little mixed reaction, when it was announced they would be working together. Word has it that although Diddy wanted to sign Jay Electronica in the past, Jay declined. This time however, one of hip hop’s most talked about MCs has linked with one of hip hop’s most talkative hypeman, and the result, the oddly-titled (and apparently unfinished) “Ghost of Christopher Wallace”, was debuted leaked on Angela Yee’s show. RapRadar‘s got the goods.

Our interest as New York hip hop advocates is not for Jay Electronica, as he is an out-of-towner, and although we respect his talent and enjoy what he’s working with, he can’t qualify for our attention. Nor do we jump at the chance to post up new Diddy music, as Diddy, while undeniably successful and representative of New York hip hop, like it or not, he mostly represents the old guard.

However, his recent signing of Queens-bred, world-known rapstress-of-the-hour, Nicki Minaj, (and the irrelevant Rick Ross), does have us keeping an eye on the chief Bad Boy. It’s not lost on us the comments made after that signing, (you know, the new B.I.G./Lil’ Kim thing), and once again participating in the invocation of Biggie’s name, is sort of another “smh” moment.

The track is decent though. Check RapRadar for the audio, and a couple clips of Jay Electronica speaking to Angela Yee about it.