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Jesse Abraham – ‘I Am Water’ Album, Proceeds to Charity

Jesse Abraham – ‘I Am Water’ Album, Proceeds to Charity

by Manny FacesJanuary 30, 2013

Jesse Abraham drops I Am Water, a 14-track cornucopia of uniquely-styled and flavorful hip hop nutrients, topped off with a healthy serving of good karma, as all proceeds from the album go to benefit Charity: Water. !llmind, Chino XL top the features list on this entertaining release with a good cause attached.

Jesse Abraham has been mentioned in the e-pages of this site several times, and was the inaugural interview, discussing this very project, on our offshoot The NY Hip Hop ReportOne of the reasons why, is because Jesse Abraham is something of the epitome of what we think a modern hip hop artist should be. He is experimental, but not so much that it becomes too eclectic, he is a wordsmith with a desire, and a knack for, creating clever lines. His work is concept-based, his videos artistic, his work-ethic apparent and his love for crafting rap songs evident. He’s also a cool cat, and conducts himself professionally.

Jesse Abraham - I Am Water - Cover artWith I Am Water, Abraham has also done something to “give back,” tying in all proceeds from the project to Charity: Water.

It is for all of these reasons why we continue to make sure to do our part to spread the word about his efforts, as we started doing way back with Alphabutter.

Disclaimer, to be fair. These words are not to suggest that Abraham has universal appeal. He best reaches an audience that is open-minded as to what a rap artist should sound like and what type of songs one should make. It would be difficult to place that type of listener into a box, as they can certainly come from all walks of life, but to be fair, his can be an acquired taste. That being said, fans of hip hop “soaked in classic boom-bap assertiveness and innovative sonic exploration,” and who aren’t locked in to “only want to hear what they have been programmed to crave,” absolutely should give Jesse Abraham a listen, especially with such an admirable cause attached to it.

For existing fans of Jesse Abraham’s work, they will not be disappointed, as I Am Water represents an honesty-laced, matured and cohesive project, with solid production (including !llmind, K.O. Beatz, Paul White, Spills, Steel Tipped Dove and Tommy White), welcome features (Chino XL, Emilio Rojas, and Nitty Scott, MC) and the best of what Abraham brings to the table.

For full information on the project and the charity it benefits, as well as a January 31 album release event at DROM NYC, visit




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