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Queens Graffiti - Video

Graffiti In Queens: 1990s and 2012 (Video)

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We always look to showcase all the aspects of hip hop culture and art, including graffiti and street art, often speaking highly about places like 5 Pointz, in Long Island City. The fabled graf haven is featured a couple of video presentations, showing a side by side look at graffiti in the area, back in the late 1990s and today.

The two clips are produced, filmed and edited by John J. Cooney Jr., the owner of Deuce to 7 Film and Video, and are a great visual journey highlighting some of the more interesting pieces that existed both then and now. With a few choice musical selections, sharp editing and a short-but-sweet length, these two clips were the perfect Saturday morning quick-view.

Don’t know too much about Cooney and Deuce to 7, but we know they like what we like.

[WATCH] Late 90′s / 2012 Graffiti Split Screen – Parts 1 & 2

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