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Classic Hip Hop on Radio

Classic Hip Hop Radio Format: Bad For Hip Hop, Likely To Fail

Radio is flocking aboard the Classic Hip Hop format bandwagon and the initial numbers are impressive. However, the long run might not be so promising.

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2014 Rap Grammy Album Awards

The 2015 Best Rap Album Grammy Nominations Are The Best Ever!

This year’s Best Rap Album category for The Grammys is the best Best Rap Album category maybe since the beginning of time.

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Hip Hop Response to Ferguson

Dear Media: Hip Hop’s Response to Ferguson Is More Than Just Celebrities and Songs

Easy for media to point at J. Cole, Talib Kweli, Game & Diddy and say, "Look! Hip hop's response to Ferguson," but that's hardly where the coverage should end.

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Holler If Ya Hear Me - Closing early

Hollered, But They Didn’t Hear: How Advertising Still Doesn’t Understand Hip Hop

While the Tupac-fueled Broadway musical "Holler If Ya Hear Me" may have had several flaws which led to its unsuccessful run, one of the more glaring errors might have been to expect the mainstream rap community to care

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