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Social Media Hip Hop

Social Media: The Final Nail in the Coffin for Hip Hop Criticism?

In many ways, the internet has democratized both art making and art criticism. While this might have helped independent hip hop artists, it has also helped diminish the effectiveness of traditional music critique.

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Nicki Minaj Lookin Ass Video

The Nicki Minaj ‘Lookin Ass’ Video Review That @NickiMinaj Would Probably Appreciate

Long ago, I predicted (and I have the audio to prove it), several times, that Nicki Minaj would eventually come "back to her roots," as it were. Looks like that time is coming.

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Homeboy Sandman - Gramercy Theatre

New York Hip Hop’s Thriving Diversity Celebrated At Huge Homeboy Sandman Concert

It shouldn't be such a surprise that an event like the Homeboy Sandman & Friends concert at Gramercy Theatre would be so successful. It is indicative of a huge, under-served but passionate fanbase that is itching to be included in rap's reindeer games.

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5 Pointz

5 Pointz: How ‘Hip Hop Media’ Ignored The Fight But Happily Profits From Its Loss

In its long fight against demolition, the iconic aerosol arts center 5 Pointz had passion, the community, the law, some key supporters and morality on their side. What they didn't have, was the support of hip hop media.

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