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Holler If Ya Hear Me - Closing early

Hollered, But They Didn’t Hear: How Advertising Still Doesn’t Understand Hip Hop

While the Tupac-fueled Broadway musical "Holler If Ya Hear Me" may have had several flaws which led to its unsuccessful run, one of the more glaring errors might have been to expect the mainstream rap community to care

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Hot 97 - Chuck D - FCC Petition

Hot 97, Chuck D, The FCC and Me: An Update on the Filed FCC Petition to Take Hot 97 Off The Air

Weeks before Public Enemy frontman Chuck D ignited a war of Twitter words by criticizing Hot 97, the FCC received a document that could potentially knock them off the air. Here is what Hot 97 had to say in response, and why it might not be good enough to save them.

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Hot 97 FCC Petition to Deny Broadcast License

Why I Petitioned The FCC To Take Hot 97 Off The Air

Many are unsatisfied with how NY's iconic radio station has represented hip hop music & culture. Turns out, there's something you can do about it. So I did.

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Social Media Hip Hop

Social Media: The Final Nail in the Coffin for Hip Hop Criticism?

In many ways, the internet has democratized both art making and art criticism. While this might have helped independent hip hop artists, it has also helped diminish the effectiveness of traditional music critique.

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