The Player – New York Hip Hop Music

UPDATE: We’re tweaking the functionality of THE PLAYER to serve you better. It will return soon

Much like the New York hip hop music video Shangri-La we call THE WALL, here at THE PLAYER we will cultivate a mix of some of the best, most interesting or noteworthy music by New York-area hip hop artists, both current and classic. (Note: You can change categories by clicking on the arrow next to the word CURRENT).

The Player - New York Hip Hop Music - Songs, tracksWe’re still in beta mode, letting it breathe a little before piling in the tracks, but feel free to play around and listen away. You never know what you might discover in THE PLAYER.

(Artists, you’re welcome to submit your material for inclusion, but we can’t promise anything. The algorithmic equations used to decide what makes it to the playlist are secret, and not always consistent. We do check for whatever comes in, so if we don’t get you this time, keep hitting us up with future releases, and we’ll likely get you in at some point.)

Until then, don’t hate THE PLAYER, hate the game.

Ha. You see what we did there?