Rediculus: How To Hold A Mic (feat. Soul Khan, Sadat X & The Day Laborers)

Rediculus - How To Hold A Mic - Sadat X, Soul Khan, The Day Laborers

One of our favorite non-NY-area producers, Chicago’s Rediculus, often works with our area’s best and brightest underground and independent artists, supplying them with sharply produced headnodders that satisfy both old school nostalgists and newbies who desire less trap in their muzik (with apologies to T.I.).

Rediculus serves another dish from this fine menu, assembling  a squad of MCs we’ve featured on in the past for the Kevin Nottingham-sponsored release of “How To Hold A Mic,” featuring Sadat X of Brand Nubian fame, Soul Khan of the Brown Bag AllStars and Long Island dynamic duo the Day Laborers. The result is a very New York-sounding, jazzy-chopped tune spotlighting unique voices and flows.

Sadat X recently released his latest solo album Love, Hell or Right. It is available on iTunes.

Soul Khan’s next EP project, Psalm, drops December 12, 2012. Soul Khan will be joining our weekly talk radio program The NY Hip Hop Report live on Sunday, December 9 to discuss his current and future projects.

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 Download: Rediculus: How To Hold a Mic ft. Soul Khan, Sadat X & The Day Laborers