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Freestyle Mondays: Live Band Freestyle ‘Gameshow Battle’ & Open Mic Returns January, 2014

Freestyle Mondays: Live Band Freestyle ‘Gameshow Battle’ & Open Mic Returns January, 2014

by Manny FacesDecember 27, 2013

For more than a decade, Freestyle Mondays, a live band, freestyle open mic has been a staple of the New York City underground hip hop scene, holding court at venues such as Sin Sin, Bar 13 and Ella Lounge.

After a brief hiatus, the city’s most emphatic exhibition of spontaneous rap excellence returned for a one-night stand at Brooklyn establishment, Spike Hill.

After a strong turnout and positive reaction to the freestyle “battle” and open mic session, fans and participants were thrilled to learn that Freestyle Mondays would be returning on a “first Monday” monthly basis to Spike Hill, beginning Monday, June 6, 2014.


Freestyle Mondays hosts/performers Mariella & iLLspokinn, at the event’s 10-year anniversary.

Led by hosts/performers iLLspokinn and Mariella, both accomplished artists in rap, R&B and jazz worlds, and backed by a rotating cast of highly skilled musicians, Freestyle Mondays, which has evolved to include chapters in France and the Czech Republic, combines many exciting aspects of hip hop music, lyricism, spontaneity and musicianship.

The result is often an incredibly impressive display of verbal dexterity, impromptu ingenuity, magnificent music and laughter-inducing lyrics.

PHOTO FLASHBACK: Freestyle Mondays – 10 Year Anniversary

The January 6 show, celebrating the 11th year anniversary of the event, promises to deliver more of the same, beginning with a head-to-head “Gameshow Battle,” pitting some of the best punchline pugilists against each other, with the winner to be crowned champion by the crowd. An open mic will follow the battle.

Freestyle Mondays will return to Spike Hill at 186 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn on January 6, 2014. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., the show is scheduled from 8 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. For more information on Freestyle Mondays’ monthly residency at Brooklyn’s Spike Hill, visit

Birthplace Magazine is proud to be partnered with Freestyle Mondays.



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