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5 Pointz, Embattled Graffiti ‘Mecca,’ Painted Over by Building Owner

5 Pointz, Embattled Graffiti ‘Mecca,’ Painted Over by Building Owner

by Birthplace MagazineNovember 19, 2013

The ongoing fight to protect the aerosol art exhibited on the exterior of the building known the world over as 5 Pointz has been dealt a crushing blow.

Despite many legal attempts by 5 Pointz caretakers against the building’s owner, the road to demolition has been more and more likely in recent days.

After a temporary restraining order was lifted in court, building management wasted little time in finally dealing what could be a death-blow to the movement to protect years of legal graffiti art painted on the iconic site, whitewashing the building overnight and into the morning.

Jonathan “Meres One” Cohen, curator and caretaker of the site, stated via Facebook:

Today jerry wolkoff showed his appreciation for the art and the community ..the building got painted white overnight ..Rip 5 pointz ..11years of work washed away

Gothamist.com posted pictures and video showing the building in its whitewashed state.

Earlier this summer, we spoke with Meres One and Marie Cecile-Flageul on The NY Hip Hop Report, our weekly talk radio program, to discuss the optimism at the time that the situation might be resolved in a less dramatic fashion. Marie also called in with updates, as recently as October 20.

While the future of art at 5 Pointz seems to be reaching an unfortunate and dramatic end, we urge all interested parties to continue to follow the 5 Pointz organization for further information.

UPDATE: A candlelight vigil will take place at 5 Pointz on Tuesday, 11/16/13 at 6 p.m., organized by the artists and curators.

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